Venom – Testnet


The Venom Testnet has gone live, welcoming Web 3.0 users! Join the team in refining a seamless platform by testing the network, and earn exclusive NFT badges in the process.

Additionally, the Venom Hackathon with a $225,000 prize pool offers an exciting opportunity for developers to showcase their skills.

About Venom Foundation & Blockchain

Venom Foundation is an Abu Dhabi-based blockchain company licensed by UAE's ADGM to build an infinitely scalable blockchain. Their advanced technology offers high security and transaction management, and their mission is to empower emerging economies in the Middle East and North Africa through infrastructure for governments and web3 projects. They recently launched a $1B fund for Web3, blockchain, and crypto projects, according to Cointelegraph.

The Venom Blockchain is a heterogeneous Layer 0 multi-blockchain system that uses dynamic sharding to process computations. The system has a Masterchain, Workchains, Basechain, and Shardchains. The Masterchain manages the network configuration, while Workchains are specialized blockchains for specific applications. The Basechain supports ÐApps and executes smart contracts, while Shardchains are processing units that split and merge depending on load.

$VENOM is the native currency of the Venom network, serving practical purposes such as paying for transaction fees and supporting validators through DePools staking.

Venom – Testnet

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Step by step guide Venom – Testnet Airdrop

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Step-by-Step Guide ”Venom Network Testnet”

▪️ Join the Venom Discord server for updates and discussion. All feedback is welcomed! 
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