Crazy Defense Heroes


Play to Earn TOWER and additional rewards

About ''Crazy Defense Heroes''

Crazy Defense Heroes is Animoca's new combination of RPG, tower defense and collectible card gaming. Build your army or defense and fight off hordes of enemies. Place towers, cast spells and upgrade your heroes' cards, towers and spell cards. In addition, players can create their own clan to communicate or play with other players around the world. Players can start playing for free and get additional chests that contain 3 NFT's, which can be used in game or for the marketplace. The TOWER token can be traded and sold on popular exchanges like Pancakeswap or Sushiswap.

All players that meet the minimum requirements will be able to Play to Earn in Crazy Defense Heroes, which makes the game accesible for any crypto or gaming enthausiast! The game is Free to Play, but there are also paid chests that contain more valuable NFT's. Start Playing to Earn now and earn more by completing quests that you unlock at level 3. 

Crazy Defense Heroes

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Step by step guide

  1. Download the Webapp to play on your PC, download the IOS or Android app to play on your mobile phone
  2. Login in the app with Apple, Google, Email or Phone number
  3. Now, go to their website
  4. Press Login with CDH user ID and login with the same option as you did in step 2
  5. Click on connect wallet and connect your Metamask wallet
  6. Start Playing to Earn and trade or sell your rewards

How to ''Play to Earn in Crazy Defense Heroes''
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