Osiris: The Metaverse


Earn rare NFT's or crypto by playing!

About ''Osiris: The Metaverse''

Osiris is is a Metaverse, that is owned by the community. Through OPAL; their crosschain currency, they power Osiris. It is a blockchain-based NFT game, that offers a wide variety of minigames and portals to game-pods where players can Play to Earn NFT's.

To get acces to this world, you will need to acquire a Cosmic Kid, which is a unique ERC721 token on Ethereum. You can get them on the NFT marketplace Opensea here and there will only be 10.000 available! Anyone can start earning tokenized assets in Osiris. Find rare items that are minted as NFT's just by playing, while using your unique Cosmic Kid.  Check out the rarity of your NFT's on rarity.tools.

To get started, make sure that you have a Metamask plugin installed, if you don't know how to do this watch this short tutorial

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Note: The gameplay is still in development, so for now you can win giveaways or contests if you hold a Cosmic Kid. The games will be released in 2/3 months.

Osiris: The Metaverse

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