DogemonGo Giveaway prize pool is worth more than $50,000 in $DOGO tokens in rewards in celebration for HECO-Chain integration!

Start catching Dogemons today & If you’re a great trainer, you can find Cryptocurrency as prey among other Dogemons. Start Now and catch them all!

About DogemonGo

DogemonGo is a gamified application based on the BSC network to catch DOGEMONs and earn credits. Your credits can be converted into $DOGO later to increase your Holding. Win Dogecoin ($DOGE) by Hodling $DOGO tokens!

This staking NFT tutorial will provide two step-by-step directions on how to become a landlord by using the Dogemon Landlord NFT. Staking NFTs allows you to gain more rewards from anyone in the game that enters your area.

DogemonGo is not just a Fun Paradise, it can very well be your upcoming Advertising Paradise. If you own a Project with its own Token / Coin and you want to be integrated into the DogemonGo World as Dogemon or/and Cryptocurrency, then just fill in the form and the team will contact you!

~$ 50,000 Prize pool
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide DogemonGo Airdrop

  1. Start the DogemonGo Airdrop Telegram Bot.

  2. Join DogemonGo on Telegram Group & Channel.

  3. Follow @DogemonGoApp on Twitter & Like and Quote RT the pinned post.

  4. Follow @HECO_Chain on Twitter.

  5. Submit your HECO wallet address and details to the Bot. You can use HECO Chain on MetaMask. 2k random lucky winners will share $3000 in DOGO tokens.

  6. Each referral gets an extra 11500 DOGO tokens & Top 5 referral promoters will get a share of $3000 in $DOGO.

  7. Follow DogemonGo on Instagram.

  8. Follow DogemonGo on Facebook.

  9. Download DogemonGo App to get in-game rewards. You need to include your BSC wallet address from the DogemonGo App in case you win any prize, as this is where it ll be sent!

Step-by-Step Guide ''DogemonGo Giveaway''

▪️ Optional extra 11500 $DOGO reward: 
Like, comment and share the DogemonGo Airdrop on your favourite SM! 

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