Ego Paysenger x GameFi


Looking for an opportunity to earn rewards and have fun? The @Ego_Paysenger Grant Program is the answer, featuring a total prize pool of 497,600 $EGO tokens. 

But that's not all! There are also live parties on with even more chances to earn rewards, including the chance to win 2,000 $USDT25,000 $CTT1,000 $BUSD, and 2,000 Lootboxes.

About Ego Paysenger

Ego Paysenger is a revolutionary collaborative platform that rewards content creators, brands, and fans. Active users can send paid requests for exclusive content, consume paid content through subscriptions, and earn $EGO tokens by completing tasks.

The platform is also developing a personalized AI that generates art in the creator's unique style, using blockchain technology and NFTs to protect content. The platform aims to revolutionize the art world and foster new opportunities for artists and brands.

Ego Paysenger x GameFi

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Ego Paysenger x GameFi Airdrop

  1. Go to the Ego Paysenger Zealy quest board.

  2. Complete quests in the Main Challenges section till May 27, and receive rewards based on your activity.

  3. Check out the ongoing Parties in May Live Now, featuring various Airdrop opportunities from @Ego_Paysenger, @YeehaGames X @OUTER_GAME, and @9LivesArena. Participate and earn easy cash!

Step-by-Step Guide ”Ego Paysenger Grant Program

▪️ All participants who make it to the top 300 will receive rewards in different proportions as below:

  • ● 1st place — 40,000 $EGO tokens
  • ● 2nd place — 24,000 $EGO tokens
  • ● 3rd place — 18,000 $EGO tokens
  • ● 4-10 places — 4,800 $EGO tokens
  • ● 11-50 places — 2,800 $EGO tokens
  • ● 51-100 places — 1,800 $EGO tokens
  • ● 101-300 places — 900 $EGO tokens
  • * Download the Paysenger app and start earning $tEGO for liking and commenting on people’s posts. When you receive requests from people, they pay you in USD. Best of Luck!

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