Pepemon.World – Testnet


Pepebros, are you ready to explore the exciting world of @PepemonFinance? Now is your chance to be among the first to experience the Pepechain Testnet!

By minting a free OAT badge, you can secure a $PPDEX Alpha Airdrop on the Testnet at launch without having to bridge your own funds. Not only that, but you'll also be joining a passionate community who share your love for Pepe the Frog. So, what are you waiting for? 

About Pepemon.World

Pepemon.World is a blockchain-based collectible creature battle game that incorporates DeFi elements. Players can battle each other, earn rewards, and trade their Pepemon in a vibrant, immersive world. Pepemon has been featured on Yahoo News.

PEPEchain is a cutting-edge rollup chain developed by Pepemon DAO to cater to memecoin traders, gaming enthusiasts, and DeFi users. The rollup chain is designed to provide low fees and robust security by utilizing the latest OP-stack technology, Bedrock, similar to Optimism

$PPBLZ tokens were 100% airdropped in 2020 to early supporters of the project. Since then, 80% of the supply has been used to earn $PPDEX, which will play a crucial role in the new Pepechain, acting as a gas token ⛽️. The Pepemon Gen 1 Starter NFTs were initially offered on Nov 4th, 2020, in limited quantities and for a limited time. If you missed out, you can still try to get yours on Opensea. Get in on the action and secure your Pepemon Boosterpacks today!

Pepemon.World – Testnet

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Pepemon.World – Testnet Airdrop

  1. Head over to the Pepechain Testnet Badge page, powered by @Galxe.

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet to the Ethereum network.

  3. Follow @PepemonFinance on Twitter & Like/Retweet.

  4. Join the Pepefrens community on Telegram and Discord, and Try to get a Pepemon Discord Questooor role.

  5. Visit Pepemon.World & Watch Pepemon Anthem on YouTube.

  6. Mint your Pepechain Testnet Badge and be ready to use the PEPEchain for all Pepebros with your $PPDEX Alpha Airdrop. The minting transaction fee is covered by Pepemon.

Step-by-Step Guide ”Pepechain Testnet OAT Badge

▪️ More details about Pepechain Testnet to be released soon! With the support of Paradigm-backed Conduit, the Pepechain Testnet is launched on the Ethereum Testnet Goerli. The mainnet release is scheduled for later this year. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join in on the fun. Good Luck!
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