@Forcefi_io, the permissionless launchpad on @Arbitrum powered by independent curators, is launching the Galactic Quest campaign, offering enthusiasts a chance to earn over $4,750 in prizes, including whitelist access, exclusive NFTs, and native tokens from co-host partners. ?

With esteemed partners like Soundwork, DoRac, KAGEDO, Skydrome, ZNS Connect,, Chainback, Bitroot, Polyflow, Equilibre Labs, and PeakID, this opportunity is just unmissable! ?

About Forcefi

Forcefi is a decentralized and permissionless launchpad operating on Arbitrum, empowered by a network of independent curators. It pioneers a novel approach to Web3 fundraising by providing a token sales platform where projects can join by paying a modest fundraise fee, with the option of using their own smart contracts or opting to use the cutting-edge Forcefi web3 infrastructure.

Curators can monetize their influence and skills on a retroactive basis, earning rewards, while investors gain access to vetted early-stage projects with huge potential, endorsed by curators.

The $FORC token is central to the Forcefi ecosystem, providing various benefits to holders, while Staking FORC grants access to platform activities, and a share of platform revenues. Additionally, the token incorporates deflationary mechanisms through buybacks & burns, reducing the supply.

Forcefi crafted a solution to track funds and prevent rug pulls without requiring on-chain skills.

Airdrop image
$4,750+ in prizes
Approx. value
days left

Step by step guide Airdrop

  1. Head to the Forcefi Galactic Quest page, and connect your wallet.

  2. Follow @Forcefi_io on X and join the vibrant community on Discord.

  3. Complete at least 12 quests from a total of 15 to qualify for the event rewards.

    Earn additional XP by completing extra weekly tasks for future $FORC rewards.

Prizes include $2,500 USDT, to be distributed to 250 randomly chosen winners, along with custom rewards worth $2,250+ from Forcefi’s partners. Each task specifies the amount of its winning tickets!


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