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Lyra Finance, a luminary in decentralized options and perpetuals exchange for cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH, has recently launched a new L2 protocol and a novel primitive to tokenize derivatives yield on EigenLayer, and with these advancements comes a new token: $LDX.

Capitalizing on this innovation, Lyra has implemented a points system-based Airdrop to distribute LDX pro-rata, rewarding traders and yield farmers for participating in bootstrapping new yield products for LRTs like Swell &, as well as Lyra DEX liquidity. A golden opportunity awaits!

About Lyra Finance

Lyra Finance is a decentralized high-performance crypto trading platform for options, perpetuals, and spot trading, providing advanced trading features only found in traditional finance, including cross-asset collateral & portfolio margin for flexible risk management and best capital efficiency.

The Lyra orderbook efficiently matches orders and settles them to the Lyra Protocol´s smart contracts, deployed on the Lyra Chain, a Layer 2 scaling solution built on the OP Stack, enabling permissionless and self-custodial trading, governed by the Lyra DAO via a fully on-chain system.

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Step by step guide Lyra Finance Airdrop

  1. Head over to Lyra Finance Airdrop platform to kickstart your journey towards $LDX riches.

  2. Sign in by connecting your wallet or create an embedded one directly on the Lyra platform.

  3. Trade and earn 250 points for every 1 fees paid on Perps and Options trades, and 1 point per $100 in account value. Lyra will introduce boosted trading rewards throughout the Airdrop.

  4. Deposit a minimum of $25 worth of weETH or rswETH to earn derivatives yield and 30 points per ETH and hour. Lyra will be launching new derivatives yield products with boosted rewards.

  5. Share your unique invite link and earn 20% of the points earned by your referrals, along with an extra 10% of the points earned by their invitees, and can unlock new levels by earning points.

    Higher levels will unlock an additional LDX bonus on top of their pro-rata rewards from points.

Anticipate retroactive rewards of $LDX and other tokens for users of partner protocols who fulfill specific actions. Stay updated by following @LyraFinance on X and joining their Discord & Telegram.

⚠️ Please note that holding $LYRA post-snapshot does NOT convey any rights to $LDX Airdrop.

? An overview of some of Lyra’s key features from Amberdata – Introduction Video:

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