Active is revolutionizing the music world, offering artists and curators unprecedented opportunities for growth and to earn rewards in $ETH.

Artists earn fees for each minted track, ensuring a steady income, while curators can also earn money for sharing songs and making playlists. $1 for each referred track! ??

About is a groundbreaking music platform tackling the challenges of unheard music and artist compensation. It introduces innovative features like NFT-based song debuts and evolving public comments, empowering artists and listeners in a music-sharing revolution.

$1 for each referred track!
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Step by step guide Airdrop

  1. Sign in to and verify your email address.

  2. Explore Upcoming Drops and earn rewards with Limited edition purchases, including an exclusive Golden Egg for Forever Editions.

  3. Curators earn rewards through song referrals and playlists, with $1 for each track!

  4. Track your earnings breakdown by song on the “My Earnings” page.

Step-by-Step Guide ” – Protocol Rewards”

▪️ Artists receive fees integrated into the platform’s protocol. Enjoy the musical experience! ?

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