Xai x Binance


Fellow Binancians, Binance is thrilled to unveil the 43rd innovative project on the Binance Launchpool – Xai (XAI), a layer 3 blockchain for an enhanced gaming scalabibility.

This four-day event allows users to stake $BNB, $FDUSD or $TUSD in specific pools, offering a chance to earn from a 75 million $XAI token reward pool, which constitutes 3% of total supply.

About Xai

Xai is a layer 3 blockchain on Arbitrum, simplifying in-game item trading and enhancing accessibility for gamers by addressing issues like high gas fees and complex interfaces.

The XAI token serves a dual role as the primary gas and in-game currency, streamlining platform operations and enhancing the gaming experience, developed by @OffchainLabs.

Ex Populus, a US-based Labs entity, will launch "Final Form" and "LAMOverse" games on Xai.

3% of the $AI total token supply
Approx. value

Step by step guide Xai x Binance Airdrop

  1. Sign up or Log in to your Binance.com account.

  2. Stake $BNB, $FDUSD or $TUSD to start farming $XAI.

  3. User rewards will be updated each hour (More Info here).

Step-by-Step Guide ''Xai – Binance Launchpool''
The Xai Farming period begins on January 5, 2024, at 00:00 (UTC):

▪️ Binance will list $XAI on January 9, 2024, at 10:00 UTC, applying the Seed Tag. Happy Farming!

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Disclaimer: This content is for educational and informational purposes only and not financial advice. Conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions (DYOR).

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